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Focus on the facts: A news and information literacy instructional program” in Reference Librarian (2018)

This article provides an overview of the “fake news” issue and places it in the context of information literacy instruction for college students. In 2017, the faculty librarians at a large state college in Florida developed a news literacy instruction program that included instructional faculty outreach, lesson plans for one-shot information literacy instruction sessions, lessons assignments for one-credit information literacy classes, and learning objects in a LibGuide that can be used by students or embedded by faculty into courses across the disciplines.

Press Record” Case Study in Moving Beyond the Wow Factor: The Savvy Academic Librarian’s Guide to Technological Innovation (2018)

Press Record is a video creation project initiated by Indian River State College librarians in 2014 to teach information literacy skills by investigating in small group aspects of online research, include the use of and value of databases, and to have students teach other members of their class about about their topic through a video produced by the group on that topic. With over two hundred fifty student participants, librarians appreciate Press Record as a platform for meaningful dialogue between group members and librarian faculty about course topics. 

There’s an app for that” in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship (Summer 2014)

How do you involve students in courses like landscaping and interior design where they usually do not have instructional research sessions? There’s an app for that! Librarians at Indian River State College (IRSC) in Fort Pierce, Florida have incorporated app sessions that showcase industry-specific applications in instructional research sessions. With the support of an IMLS Sparks! Ignition Grant in 2013, IRSC implemented two related initiatives. “From STEM to Sternum” is a program that fosters the digital literacy skills of students involved with STEM concepts. The IRSC Digital Literacy Lab (DLL)supports “From STEM to Sternum” and is a transportable collection of tablets which are usable during instructional sessions. In addition to presenting opportunities for active learning, the DLL also allows librarians to introduce information evaluation techniques in a format that is more accessible to students. Together, these two initiatives reposition mobile devices as learning objects for the next generation of graduates.